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Made in Italy

Our products are entirely conceived, created and packaged in Italy to ensure the proper care of all the company’s employees, which is impossible to verify for goods manufactured in other countries. We aim to avoid useless wastes in energy and transport in favour of unfair quotations, in order to do our small part in helping the country’s economic growth and to offer a better future to our children.


The adoption of a Quality System that complies to the norms UNI EN ISO 9001 and of an Environmental Management System that complies to the norms UNI EN ISO 14001 allows HELAN to optimize its activity and to reach greater efficiency, by committing to an ongoing process of improving its own organization, its facilities and its managerial and production activities, all the while obtaining to high standards of processes and of general management.

The realization of a Quality System is considered as a strategic choice geared towards:

  • supplying a product/service that matches the needs and requirements of the Client, which is expecting from HELAN a cosmetic product that is safe, efficient, eco-friendly, respectful of the animals and of the environment;
  • ensuring that all personnel operate according to procedures laid down by the system;
  • paying maximum attention to the safety, motivation and efficiency of the staff.

While the Environmental Management System pursues, with its management structure, the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution, as well as the reduction of the consumption of energy and resources.

The UNI EN ISO 22716 norm fixes the Guidelines for good manufacturing practices of Cosmetic Products, in order to grant to the final consumer the highest safety and sanitary standards.
Since 2006 HELAN’s philosophy has already found a foundation to its own principles through the ICEA certification discipline.

protocol to develop sustainable and organic cosm-ethics

The every-growing evolution of the natural sector has allowed the availability of organic raw materials and the possibility of crafting Organic Cosmetic Products, which are the ultimate prosecution of our formulation journey that is based on 40 years of experience in the natural sector.
It became necessary to issue a Protocol to develop Sustainable and Organic COSM-ETHICS, which would regulate and summarize HELAN's objectives concerning the meticulous selection of raw material, its manufacturing processes and its choice of an eco-friendly packaging, with the main intention to:

  • Enhance HELAN's formulation philosophy, based on a meticulous selection of raw material, contributing to the protection of biodiversity.
  • Reach a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin in the formulae, especially those coming from Organic Cultivations, while granting stability, performance and pleasantness to the finished product, together with safety for the final customer.
  • iPrefer Fair Trade raw materials and coming from projects in regions that are less advanced, when they can grant the traceability of the raw material's origin as well as a no-impact policy in the surrounding farming environment
  • Use natural resources responsibly and while respecting the environment, in the selection of raw materials, in the processes ofproduction and in the selection of the packaging (both primary and secondary), the promotional material and the shipping material in an eco-friendly approach, with materials that are less impactful as possible.


HELAN gives priority to raw material coming from the Mediterranean area also to limit the emissions of C02 caused by transportation. When the botanical properties of the active ingredients are found in plants that grow in Equatorial and Sub-equatorial countries, HELAN chooses, where possible, Fair Trade raw materials. We rely on trustworthy partners who farm in regions that are less advanced, who have a no-impact policy on the surrounding farming environment and who guarantee the traceability of the origin of the raw material.


The quality of HELAN’s products is not the result of haphazard improvisation! But the logical consequence of a specific philosophy based on the willingness and desire to obtain only the best, by patiently and tirelessly selecting the properties of rare natural ingredients chosen specifically for the function of each cosmetic product.


  • THE LABEL: to the scope of an ‘INFORMED CONSUMPTION’, reading the label on a product is essential and supplies vital information and suggestions for use. HELAN has always chosen the path of sharing an abundance of information in a simple, clear way to explain the real quality of all its products. Each label should be seen as a small guide for the consumer to recognize products which are really trustworthy.
  • THE INGREDIENTS: are written under their technical nomenclature ‘INCI’. Beyond any legal requirement, each of helan’s product contains the following information: the % of functional ingredients; the % of natural components; the raw materials coming from certified ORGANIC AGRICOLTURE and from COSM-ETHIC and SUSTAINABLE projects; ingredient and content explanation to help the consumer interpret the INCI.
  • THE VALIDITY: expiration date must be stated on the label if the producer cannot guarantee the product to last at least 30 months. In any case, also on products granted more than 30 months, there must always be an indication of the validity after the first opening, expressed by the PAO.

Respect for the Environment

Respect for the Environment is an essential part of HELAN'S company philosophy, which is why we put maximum attention in the research of eco-friendly packaging, using recycled material, that come from sustainable sources or which, in turn, can be recycled as well.

Respect for the Animals

Since 1976 HELAN has always cooperated with the Italian associations that defend animal rights (LEAL, LAV, PETA) and has always supported a philosophy against animal testing even when it was not a legal obligation as fortunately today is for what concerns the finished product..