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Helan is one of Italy's leading companies specializing in the formulation and production of Natural Cosmetics.

Like all dreams come true,

Helan sprang from a natural vocation that came from a Lifelong Philosophy before it was a choice of production.

It was in 1976 when the young university researcher Elisa Bottini Massa decided to take the great leap from an academic career to one of private entrepreneurship, together with her husband Enzo Moncalvo and, at present, their three children Malva, Ludovico and Marco.


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The company mission has always been, right from the beginning, to formulate and produce cosmetics conceived and realized in harmony with the skin’s physiology and nature as well as the environment and animal world.

Ethic Profile

We firmly believe in the goodness of the natural world and in respecting its most genuine intimacy. Indeed, we were the first to affirm that hypoallergenic, safe and effective cosmetic products could be verified with non irritating dermatological tests carried out without the use of animals. Only limitless faith in a vision of the world in a natural key, could have pushed us to realize cosmetic products with vegetable extracts and oils, essences, honey and scented waters that could grant wellness and beauty in virtue of their active ingredients’ riches and their great affinity to the skin.


The quality of HELAN’s products is the precious outcome of the union between:

  • Nature,our source of raw materials;
  • Millenary tradition, the treasure trove of knowledge that guides us in our choices;
  • Scientific Research,and up-to-date technological solutions, providing us with the ways and means of producing natural, effective, safe and pleasant cosmetics.

In our factory

Our headquarters are located in the area of Casella, situated in the green countryside behind Genoa, Italy. The building covers over 7,500 sq metres, surrounded by further 12,000 sq metres outside. Each product is created within our laboratory with an artisanal care and the help of technologically advanced equipment in exceptional conditions of hygiene of machineries and packaging.

R&D Laboratory

The Research & Development Laboratory is the heart of the company and employs around 15% of the staff. Here nature, tradition and scientific research are combined to formulate natural, effective, safe and pleasant cosmetics every day.

Production and Packaging departments

In the Production and Packaging departments, products are manufactured using cutting-edge equipment and in flawless hygienic conditions. We have an outstanding mixing capacity and can rely on various, differently-sized lines that ensure unmatched manufacturing flexibility. The site has an alcohols storage and processing department.

Helan Is Born

Helan Is Born

Establishing Helan was a pioneering choice: at the time, the “Green Wave” that nowadays pervades all commercial sectors was totally unknown to the cosmetic market. In fact, the genuine traditions and age-old wisdom of herbal medicine seemed to be dormant in those years, almost stifled by a relentless race towards modernism.
Backing the trend, the first natural preparations were formulated in a small artisanal workshop, laying the bases for HELAN's first cosmetic lines, which were initially on sale as galenic preparations in pharmacies and later in Herbalist shops, too.
It was just the latter, Herbalist shops, that, in the 1980s, started enthusiastically selling and promoting HELAN products, contributing to their distribution.

Face Care lines

Face Care lines

The undisputed Queen of any cosmetic line is undoubtedly the Face cream. However, because any cosmetic treatment is mostly effective if combined with a proper cleansing and toning action, Helan's very first formulations were Face Care lines consisting of:
- Milk and Tonic for daily cleansing and hydration;;
- Fruit face mask to apply periodically;
- Day cream, providing a protective and moisturising action;
- Night cream, for effective nourishment when the skin is at rest.
The above set was produced in four separate lines, each containing specific active ingredients and components for different skin types, which represented the very heart of our product range:
- Line 1 for combination skin;
- Line 2, moisturising;
- Line 3, for young, oily skin;
- Line 4 for delicate and sensitive skin.

Hair Care line

Hair Care line

To ensure gentle cleansing that respects the scalp and enhances hair beauty, a Hair Care line was created, consisting of the following:
- Chamomile Shampoo, for fair hair and frequent use;
- Walnut Husk Shampoo, for dark hair;
- Nettle Shampoo, for hair that tends to get oily.


“Linea Bimbi” for children/h3>

In 1976, Helan launched its BIO line for children, Linea Bimbi Bio, specially formulated for children's delicate skin, which differs from adult skin: a complete range of products for the bath and the treatment of children's skin, containing vegetable oils and butters, natural cleansing agents, and extracts and distilled waters from organic farming - only Nature's best for our kids!

Sun Care line

Sun Care line

The Sun Care line includes a cream for the body, the first to be formulated, containing Carrot Oil, Walnut Oil and Henna Oil and having a moderate sun protection factor, and a very effective and pleasant Carrot Cream, having a higher SPF, to protect and hydrate face skin ensuring a healthy golden tan while also effectively preventing wrinkle formation. In the evening, after a reinvigorating shower, the Aloe Milk and After-Sun Cream will perform an incredibly soothing and moisturising action on reddened skin, often fully restoring its wellbeing even after excessive sun exposure.

Le.A.L's petition

Le.A.L's petition

At the dawn of its activity, Helan strongly and enthusiastically supported Le.A.L.'s petition against the introduction of a European Directive that would make animal testing mandatory to validate cosmetic products by organising an extensive signature collection among its customers, thereby contributing to strengthening the public opinion movement that buried that project and saving an incredibly large number of helpless creatures from senseless suffering.


“I Colori di Helan” line

The makeup line “I colori di Helan” was launched in 1984, aiming to offer customers the opportunity to enhance their look with a touch of colour, enriched with protective and nourishing substances like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and rose petal extract - a limited range of colour shades selected from among the safest pigments, possibly of natural, but not animal, origin, love for animals being at the core of our DNA.

Helan moves to the site in Via Adamoli

Helan moves to the site in Via Adamoli

The Quality of Helan's products gradually made its way into the competitive cosmetics market, making them increasingly popular and widespread and leading to the need for a larger manufacturing site. The Company thus moved to Via G Adamoli, a larger site where more efficient equipment could be installed, also enabling to apply formulation and manufacturing methods that allowed Helan to become the first cosmetic manufacturer in Italy to be certified to Quality Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and Environmental Standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

Helan moves to the new site in Casella (Genoa)

Helan moves to the new site in Casella (Genoa)

In 2015, the increasing success of its products and their spread to international markets required moving the manufacturing site again, this time to Casella (Genoa), set amidst nature on the banks of river Scrivia. The production areas and the laboratories are fitted with modern equipment that allows to produce natural cosmetics in highly hygienic and safe conditions, so as to ensure both the purity of products and the wellbeing of operators. The warehouse is equipped with an automated order-processing system capable of meeting the fast delivery terms required by today's market. Against this background, our constant commitment to growing both quantitatively and qualitatively has enabled us to obtain the Good Manufacturing Practice System Certification to Standard UNI EN ISO22716 GPM as well as Manufacturing Authorisation for Medical-Surgical Devices No. 20994 granted by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Helan's Rose Garden

Helan's Rose Garden

To further highlight our connection with Nature, which has always been Helan's North Star, an experimental rose garden featuring “Rosa Antica della Valle Scrivia” ancient roses has been created in the green area surrounding the plant, hoping it will soon lead to new interesting developments.

About us

"Helan's Research & Development Laboratory, in trend with the world of cosmetics responding to the emergency, has created a Hand Sanitizing Gel
Dermopurifying Moisturizing, with the utmost respect for the skin of the hand. 99% Natural Origin"
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