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Multipurpose Hygiene Spray 100mL

For objects and small surfaces, with Ceylon cinnamon and Lemon essential oil
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Formato: 100 mL 0,04 € / mL
Code: 112SI
Helan characteristics
An alcohol-based instant spray solution enriched with Ceylon cinnamon extract and Lemon essential oil, delivering a powerful sanitizing action on objects and surfaces that come into contact with the skin. Ideal to instantly hygienize all kinds of surfaces at home, in your office, outdoors, in your car…even your phone. The pocket size means you can carry it with you and have it ready whenever needed. It leaves a fresh, clean scent and a nice sensation of freshness.
Use and warnings
Test the product on a small part of the washable surface to be sanitized, then dispense it keeping a distance of about 15 cm. Leave to act and, if necessary, remove the excess with a clean rag. Danger External use Do not swallow. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of children’s reach. Only use as directed. Avoid eye and mucosa contact. If this should accidentally occur, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep away from any source of combustion. Contains ETHANOL

ATTENZIONE: le liste INCI degli ingredienti per la composizione dei prodotti Helan vengono regolarmente aggiornate sul nostro Sito. Si ricorda comunque di far riferimento all’elenco degli ingredienti posizionato sulla confezione prima di utilizzare un prodotto, per essere sicuri che i componenti siano adatti alle esigenze personali.

WARNING: the INCI lists of ingredients for the composition of Helan’s products are regularly updated on this Website. However, please refer to the INCI list located on the packaging before using a product, to be sure that each ingredient is suitable for your personal use.
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