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G-Oud Eau De Parfum 50mL

G-OUD is the pure embodiment of HELAN’s unmistakable style. The gourmand notes of Caramel and Coffee, after the first overwhelming sensation of flowery notes, recreate a highly evocative bouquet
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Formato: 50 mL 0,5 € / mL
Code: 128GOU
Helan characteristics
The first overwhelming sensation is that of flowery notes, where the unexpected fragrance of French marigold, blends harmoniously with slightly spicy touches and is enveloped by the scent of Coffee - not the one Italians would normally expect (black, strong, concentrated). Rather, coffee the way it is served in the Middle East: finely ground, brewed slowly and gently, patiently waiting for it to settle on the bottom of the pot and pervade the air with its discreet and subtle aroma. A unique, atmosphere characterised by sweet, caramel scents. The inebriating heart notes conquer us with the gentler fragrance of Oud Wood, made even softer and more velvety by the presence of sweet Vanilla notes. At the base of the fragrance are the noble notes of Amber and White Musk, which add a truly unique touch to this wonderful Eau de Parfum.

ATTENZIONE: le liste INCI degli ingredienti per la composizione dei prodotti Helan vengono regolarmente aggiornate sul nostro Sito. Si ricorda comunque di far riferimento all’elenco degli ingredienti posizionato sulla confezione prima di utilizzare un prodotto, per essere sicuri che i componenti siano adatti alle esigenze personali.

WARNING: the INCI lists of ingredients for the composition of Helan’s products are regularly updated on this Website. However, please refer to the INCI list located on the packaging before using a product, to be sure that each ingredient is suitable for your personal use.
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