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HELAN Philosophy


The choice of those years was undoubtedly spearheaded since the green wave that has now invaded almost all sectors of the commercial market had not yet set into the realm of cosmetics. Indeed, tradition and age-old herbal experience seemed dormant, buried by a hectic race to modernism.

Here the first natural formulas were created in a small, crafted laboratory. These paved the way to the first lines of cosmetic products appearing in galenical pharmacies and drug-stores then, in the eighties, mostly herbalist shops hosting Helan products.


We firmly believe in respect and nature that abounds. Indeed, we were the first to affirm that hypoallergenic, safe cosmetic products could be verified with non irritating dermatological tests carried out without the use of animals.

Only limitless faith in the bounty of this key natural, world vision could have pushed us to realize cosmetic products with vegetable extracts and oils, essences, honey and scented waters that could grant wellness and beauty in virtue of their active ingredients’ riches and their affinity to the skin.


The company mission has always been, right from the beginning, to formulate and produce cosmetics conceived and realized in harmony with the skin’s physiology and nature as well as the environment and animal world.

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