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Beauty in tune with Nature

represents the perfect synthesis of Nature, Safety, Functionality, Pleasantness in use and Satisfaction in results, becoming a point of reference for formulative innovation.

I COLORI di HELAN make-up products are made respecting Helan's company guidelines, by selecting the vegetal and organic ingredients suggested by ancient herbal know-how, according to the final function of each cosmetic product.

Tutorial: Helan's tips for LIP make-up
1) Define the contour with a Pencil that is slightly darker than the Lipstick color
2) Apply the Lipstick following the Pencil trace
3) Tap off the excess color by pressing a tissue on the lips
4) Or, to help the Lipstick last longer, fill in the lips with a Pencil color that is the same as the Lipstick, than apply the latter

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