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Anti-frizz Styling Program
For wavy curly rebels hair

Frizziness does not only affect curly hair, but also – although to a lesser extent – wavy and straight hair, as it is the result of the uneven distribution of the protective film on the hair structure. As a reaction to humidity, the capillary stem scales swell unevenly, further twisting and curling the hair, making it flyaway and unruly and therefore leading to the typical frizzy effect.

Synergic active principles should ensure top performance and be able to:
- hydrate, so as to smooth the hair scales, restore the hydrolipidic film, and prevent humidity penetration;
- soothe and add elasticity, nourishing and straightening the hair and enhancing its beauty, silkiness, and shine.

3 new formulations to restore the suppleness of curly hair and its combability, make it fall down in soft waves, and prevent the action of humidity on all kinds of unruly hair – curly, wavy and straight.

THE OUTCOME: Great Combability, Well-Defined Curls, Orderly Hairstyle


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