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Respect for
the Environment

Respect for the environment is an essential part of HELAN’s company philosophy

that’s why we’ve committed to reducing packaging materials eliminating “leaflet” highlighting recycling instructions on every package

for Animals

HELAN has always collaborated with Italian Animal Rights Associations (LEAL, LAV, PETA) and has always supported the philosophy of non-animal testing.
Already on April 3rd, 1998, the date when the ban on cosmetic testing on animals should have come out, we standardized our choices in raw material supplies according to these norms.

The lack of sufficient effort in financing research in this field led to the ban being postponed not once but twice in Europe, until it finally came out on March 11th, 2013.

HELAN had already adhered to the Non Testing Standard, the only disciplinary recognized on an international level. This was able to indicate companies that were not involved in cosmetic testing with animal experimentation to the public, companies that put effort and energy into not commissioning or carrying out animal testing on either their products or the raw materials from which they come.

HELAN, having shown respect for these standards and having successfully passed ICEA evaluations, obtained certificate n°002, as further recognition of its political commitment to market transparency.

The HELAN VEGAN logo indicates the formulations which employ raw material not deriving from the animal world as the restricted selection of beekeeping ingredients is not compatible with a vegan lifestyle.

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