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Our Certifications

In 2000 Helan was the first cosmetic company to obtain both quality and environmental certifications so that industrial production would fully respect man, animals and the environment at large.

The company, with its strong base of internal motivation regarding making the most of its own activity to make it more efficient, is committed to an ongoing process of improving the company itself, its facilities, management and production.

In this process, it has made adoption of the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System norms priority as well as those of UNI EN ISO 14001 regarding Environmental Systems Management so that the company may run at its best, being the most efficient and obtaining high process and general management standards.

The realization of a Quality System is considered a strategic choice geared towards:

  • supplying a product/service in agreement with Helan’s client requirements and needs, who expert natural, safe, eco-friendly cosmetic products that respect animals and the environment.
  • ensuring that all personnel operate according to procedures as stated in the quality system;
  • paying maximum attention to staff safety, motivation and efficiency.

After (CE) n. 1223/2009 norms and hand in hand with internal motivation, the company has decided to implement its own management system with the requirements granted by the UNI EN ISO 22716  norm regarding proper cosmetic product manufacturing practices (GMP), which ensure to the final consumer the highest safety and sanitary standards.

Subscription to the CLEAN ENERGY program certifying that Helan respects the environment, because every single Kwh of electricity used by the company is produced from renewable sources of energy without the use of fossil fuels. Verified by the international DNV organization.

The ever-growing evolution and availability of certified, organic raw materials has made the process of certification for new products possible. These new products represent impeccably carrying out formula production based on 40 years of experience in Helan’s natural world.

Starting from 2006, Helan’s philosophy has found a new foundation for its own principles through the predisposition of procedures for eco-organic cosmetic products, which has brought us to obtain certification of some products according to ICEA discipline.

The products of these lines are certified ICEA organic

  • LINEA BIMBI in 2012
  • LINEA MAMMA in 2014
  • BOLLICINE in 2015, laundry for children
Certification for the Quality Assurance System in accordance with Regulation UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate RINA n. 4251/00/S first issue December 2000
Certification for the System for Environmental Management in accordance with Regulation UNI EN ISO 14001 certificate RINA n. 4251/00/S first issue December 2000
Certification for the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in accordance with Regulation UNI EN ISO 22716 certificate RINA n. COSM/19/30 first issue in May 2019
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